Thursday, 28 March 2013

3 Healthiest Countries in the World


Jakarta,- disease, and the epidemic virus is no longer a new thing for all of the state has ever experienced. But of all the countries in the world, three of whom are categorized as the most healthy. Which countries?
It's not easy to find the healthiest country in the world. But the American journal Foreign Policy reported on the three healthiest country in the world, namely Japan, France and Iceland, as reported Geniusbeauty, Thursday (03/28/2013).
1. Japan, people live longer
The Japanese live longer than all the people in other countries. The average life expectancy of Japanese is 86 years old. The secret to their health is physical exercise and low-cholesterol diet. Japanese diet usually consists of rice, fish and seaweed, which can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
In Japan, fitness gyms made with a very fashionable. Several generations of this nation has been living a life of 'lean', as has been stated and promoted by the state program, which provides sports activities during work hours, and before work. The program is funded by the government. The Japanese think western food as a serious health threat, as it is traditionally high in fat.
2. France, the country with the lowest rate of heart attack
In this country, relatively low rates of heart disease despite a major cause of death worldwide. Experts explain this fact relates to the French habit of eating slowly and drink a glass of wine every day. Traditionally, the French diet rich in carbohydrates and fats, but are usually eaten in small portions with added a little wine.
In 2002, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes France as the healthiest state in the European Union. Meanwhile, the average life expectancy in France is 75 years for men and 83 years for women.
However, obesity is considered a major problem in France and the cancer death rate is high.
3. Iceland, a country with maternal care in the world
Iceland is a country with the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. European countries close to the North Pole is also providing the best care for pregnant women. The numbers are clear, there are only two cases of deaths per 1000 births. By comparison, the United States has 7 deaths per 1000 births.
Unfortunately, Iceland has a big problem with obesity (overweight). Each year, a large amount of sugar is consumed per capita in the country, mainly due to overuse of carbonated beverages.

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